My dream has become reality! My beautiful sewing machines are humming as I create unique and desirable end products that exceed my utmost expectation.

When I am Sewing or Knitting I am Indulging in My Passion. I decided to sell on Etsy when people looked at my products and encouraged me to do so. When I work within my Etsy Shop I come Alive. As I create I realize the greatest thing you can give someone is your time, you are offering a part of your life you will never get back. It is important to me to use materials I would want to have in the product I purchased. I started sewing when I was a little girl. With my mamas help, I was soon sewing some of my own clothes including a coat. I learned to sew on a Brother model. I now own Pfaff, Jukie, Bernina, and Babylock. I have been blessed with five children whom have all been models of clothing and costumes made by me. I have always believed the best gift for someone is one made with my own hands and heart. Thank you for showing interest in my shop.

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